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Corduroy, Flats, Fur, and Fendi… My Casual Reality!!! : Memo 016

The Subject: Casually Mixing Highs and Lows

This is by far is my favorite look! This is a look I can guarantee you will catch me in if you run into me while I’m out and about. This is “Casual Kim”. And “Casual Kim” is my go to look! It doesn’t take a lot to look fab! It’s just about having the perfect pieces to keep your look clean and chic…

One of my favorite things to do is mix black with brown. Most people tend to shy from it because they think brown and black are typically base colors, but I love going against the grain. They’re both such great colors why not put them together!

By now, we all know, the perfect accessories can complete any casual look! In this case, I opted for my Fendi bag and vintage mink hat… Yaaaaassss MINK HAT!!!! You can’t go wrong with Fendi in any brown or black look! I love the classic, yet trendy look Fendi is known for. You can pair this classic brand with any look, casual or dressy, and have the effortless chic of a Hollywood socialite.


I prefer looks that I can wear throughout an entire day if I needed to. For me this is a classic travel look as well. I prefer to be prepared for an entire day, than feel like I have to go home and change for a nice dinner with friends.

And having a nice printed blouse always makes your look more trendy. I love a great print. It always spices up even the simplest of looks!

I absolutely love these flats. Comfy, fashionable, and functional! Topshop always has the best casual shoes, for such great prices!

During the winter months, its crucial to have a great pair of corduroy pants. I’ve had this pair for about 4 years and they are still my go to corduroy pants! The zipper detail is what I love most! And, to complete your winter casual look, a nice thick blazer to keep you warm will do the trick!!! The thing I love about a classic blazer is you can literally wear it FOREVER!! It never gets old, and it keeps you warm during the fall/winter season!

Every girl needs an awesome pair of shades to block the sun from those pretty eyes!!

  • Blazer: United Colors of Benetton
  • Blouse: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Corduroy Pants: Karen Millen
  • Flats: Topshop
  • Purse: Fendi

More Than Just Plain Black and White!!! : Memo 015

Subject: Houndstooth Prints

Since the snow has melted away… I’ve been a bit nostalgic…. I actually miss it… A lot… But I’m so happy I got to have fun in it! Putting together fun looks in such brutal weather can be a challenge, but it’s certainly a challenge I’m up for! I had a ball styling in my houndstooth prints… This season it’s one of the biggest trends, which I find surprising… It’s always been a favorite of mine, I’m just glad everyone is catching on! For me this look gave me the opportunity to be a bit girly, yet Inspector Gadget-ish at the same time!!  LOL Yeah I said Inspector Gadget-ish… LOL .. I always think of him and the Inch High Private Eye when I wear houndstooth prints… #ImJustSayin

Here is how I chose to style my Houndstooth prints last week during the crazy winter weather!!!

I'm ready for some fun!!

I’m ready for some fun!!

Houndstooth Coat: ZARA

Houndstooth Coat: ZARA

My love for Zara went through the roof when I spotted this Houndstooth beauty!! It was a no brainer! The price was great and the quality, even better! Zara never disappoints in the style and quality department!! And every fashionista needs a great printed coat in their wardrobe!

I love wearing prints on top of prints… It’s a fun way to be daring, show off your personality, and take a small fashion risk all at the same time. Most people are afraid of prints, so to double them up is like a walk on the wild side. Not really… But you get what I mean! LOL

Purse: United Colors of Benetton (Vintage)

Purse: United Colors of Benetton (Vintage)

I’ve had this purse since college and it is still one of my favorites!! Don’t be so quick to throw out those old handbags, they may come in handy later on down the line!! This little guy definitely helped to complete my look! I loved the beaded detail. It’s such a timeless, quality piece. It’s without question, one of my favorite little bags. You can definitely hit up your local thrift shops to score classic handbags like this one!

Wintertime fun!

Wintertime fun!


Don’t be afraid to mix and match different bold colors with your black and white houndstooth prints. Don’t always settle for just plain black and white. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s always safer to stick with a black accent piece if you are unsure on what to pair with your cute houndstooth blouse or jacket, but, it’s also okay to pair it with a cute pink skirt, or those awesome red pants you haven’t worn in a while!

It's the Snow Fairy!!

It’s the Snow Fairy!!

I just love the winter!

Time to head home!!! The Snow Fairy doesn't play fair!

Time to head home!!! The Snow Fairy doesn’t play fair!

I scored this fabulous blouse from Burlington! And yes... I'm Bragging About It! ;-)

I scored this fabulous blouse from Burlington! And yes… I’m Bragging About It! 😉

I purchased this blouse over a year ago, from one of my favorite discount stores Burlington Coat Factory in Atlanta, GA.  I think I might have paid $10.00 for this beauty! For me, it’s all about the quality of the pieces I purchase. I get more compliments on the things I spend less money on, then the things I buy that can be in my opinion, over priced. Remember dolls, it’s all about how you style your looks. Make sure you pair a less expensive item with a more expensive item. It’s great to have a balance! Pairing quality pieces with your $10 finds just makes your look appear more expensive! Quality blazers or bottoms always do the trick!

Pink Platform Pumps: Matiko

Pink Platform Pumps: Matiko

I just love these baby pink platform pumps! I love how thick the heel is! It is such a comfortable shoe! I purchased these pretty pumps from my dear friend’s shoe boutique “Peeptoe”! Their selection is awesome and the price point is phenomenal! Even though the store is located in West Bloomfield, MI, all of my Posh and Popular shoe lover dolls can shop with them online!! Score for you!!!

Colbalt Blue Cigarette Pant: Karen Millen

Cobalt Blue Cigarette Pant: Karen Millen

You guys know I love my Karen Millen pieces! I consider all of my Karen Millen items apart of a collection… Yes, I’m a collector of Karen Millen and I’m not ashamed to say it!! These cobalt blue cigarette pants just pulled the look together! The pop of color is always a plus to break up the black and white prints!

Classic look with girly all over it!!

Classic look with girly all over it!!

Adding small touches like the pearl headband and earrings keep this look classic and girly! Very Posh and Popular! And you’d never guess I bought this headband for $2 at my local beauty supply store!! I love a great find for an inexpensive price! All Posh and Popular dolls know how to shop on a budget!! Remember, it doesn’t take a million bucks to look it!!


Coat: Zara
Blouse: Burlington Coat Factory
Pants: Karen Millen
Shoe Brand: Matiko
Handbag: United Colors of Benetton
Headband: Beauty Supply Store
Earrings: Forever 21

Remember to Shop at Peeptoe online!


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Fragrance Junkie Chronicles: 05

A life without perfume, just plain stinks….

Ok, I’m being dramatic…. But no really…. I couldn’t imagine life without beautiful fragrances….

Hello lovers....

Hello lovers….

I haven’t done my fragrance junkie chronicles in a while, for a number of reasons.

So here are my confessions why….

1. I get nervous about sharing all my favorite fragrances with people. I mean, the reason I buy such unique fragrances is to avoid smelling like everyone else… I mean what I wear is one thing. It’s visual… So if I wear a pretty dress, people are going to see it regardless, so it’s really no need to try and keep to myself where I got it.  If someone really wants to find it they will.  But my fragrances are unique to me…. Smells trigger memories and feelings. I’ve always loved knowing that when someone hugs me, they will always remember the way I smelled…. I mean think about it… When you smell Chanel No. 5, who do you think of? When you smell the scent of vanilla, what memory does that trigger??

So for me, my perfumes have always been the one thing I can keep for myself…. So actually sharing it was a big deal… Pray for me… LOL

2. I don’t like when someone judges me for what I pay for my perfumes… It’s my thing… It’s more then just a hobby, I’m a collector of fine fragrances.

I don’t judge people when they stand in line to buy gyms shoes that have come out for the 60th time and spend $200 on a pair they’ve owned 7 times… I don’t judge people that spend $200 on a pack of hair weave… Nor do I judge people that stand in line for hours to upgrade to the next iPhone, iPad, or iPod…. So please…. Don’t turn your nose up at for me paying a little extra money to smell like a bouquet of roses… I’m just saying… I’m an artist and sensitive about my…… YOU GET IT! LOL

3.  I don’t want people to stop giving me perfume as gifts because they think I have enough!! LOL … I know it sounds silly… But I love when my close friends and family members buy me perfume. It just makes me warm and fuzzy inside! But if I post all my perfumes, then I’m afraid they’ll say… “She doesn’t need anymore perfume” LOL LOL I know I’m crazy!! These are the thoughts that go through my head!!

But nevertheless, here I am with another fragrance junkie post!! Don’t make me regret it!!

So today I want to talk about my Bond No. 9 Body Silk…. Lexington Avenue …

I love this crème because it’s just as beautiful as the perfume spray.

Bond No. 9  Lexington Avenue

Bond No. 9 Lexington Avenue

This lush crème makes my body smoother and the scent lasts for hours.  It’s so rich in perfume that it will leave subtle traces on your clothes which I love. Skin smoothing perfumed crème on a whole new level. Lush and seductive…

Notes: Blue cypress, fennel, roasted almonds, pink peony, crème brulée and sandalwood…

A great mix of some of my favorite scents.

If you haven’t tried any of the Bond fragrances yet….  Well…. You’re just missing out!!


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Sooo…There’s This Guy …His Name is Marc…: Memo 014

The Subject : Winter Shorts, Boots, and Such…

You know that feeling you get when you meet a guy for the first time and you’re immediately smitten by his presence…?

Well, that’s the feeling I get whenever I see a design by the magnificent Marc Jacobs…. SWOON!!

I have been a fan of this designer for as long as I can remember. I have pieces that are from seasons ago, but they are still as classic and edgy now as they were the moment I first bought them. From his uniquely designed clothes and handbags, to the incredible shoes and boots he creates, he is without question one of my favorite American designers… This entire look is an Ode to Marc!

Sweater: BCBG

Sweater: BCBG

Wearing three of my favorite Marc Jacobs pieces just gets me excited!!

Wearing three of my favorite Marc Jacobs pieces just gets me excited!!

I have had these key pieces for years. I remember the exact moment I purchased these snow boots in New York in November of 2006… I remember arguing with my Godmother about how awesome they were and she said, “Kimberly… those are awful!” LOL It wasn’t until I put them on my feet that she had to agree with me about how adorable they were!! LOL It’s those types of fashion moments that create wonderful life memories for me. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I still wear this boots each winter… For me, they have a story! Marc Jacobs pieces have a unique ability to create those types of stories for each of us!

Layers are Key During the Winter... More is More!

Layers are Key During the Winter… More is More!

Fidora: Club Monaco

Fedora: Club Monaco

Now the shorts of course have a story of their own… I mean come on… They’re wool plaid shorts for goodness sake! I remember walking into Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, CA February 2008. This was a great time in my life! I was living in LA, enjoying being young and independent! I decided to go to Saks after work just to walk around and dream as I often did. Little did I know, I’d walk into the sale of a lifetime! I remember seeing these shorts and immediately thinking about my childhood and how my mother used to dress me in corduroy shorts every winter with my opaque tights!! I immediately became nostalgic and needed to have these shorts become apart of my wardrobe.  It didn’t hurt that they were by my favorite designer and marked down on clearance!  I was able to walk away with these shorts for about $70!! It was a dream come true for me!! And I remember being so proud of my find that day!!  These cutie shorts have been a staple piece of my winter wardrobe ever since!!

A little snow doesn't stop the fashion show!

A little snow doesn’t stop the fashion show!

Snow Boots : Marc Jacobs

Snow Boots : Marc Jacobs

Bring on the textures!

Bring on the textures!

I just love how fashion can remind you of different time periods in your life, and make you grateful for the new journey ahead all at the same time!

Have a seat with me!

Have a seat with me!

Fashion for me is freeing… It’s art… And I love being able to create each day… We all have an opportunity to be artists… You’re the canvas my dear… CREATE!!

Shorts: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shorts: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Fashion is Art...

Fashion is Art…

Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This necklace is so special to me! I received it for my 30th birthday this past August from my cousin DeAnn… She is an incredible stylist herself… Fashion is in our blood… #YUP!

Blouse: ZARA Clutch: Vintage

Blouse: ZARA
Clutch: Vintage

Today’s lesson…

Allow not only your life to tell a story, but let your clothes be apart of the journey… And never be afraid of what you like! What you like, makes you, you!

Also Layering is key during these brutal winter months, but it can be a fun process!! Chunky sweaters, belts, shirts, and more sweater are always a great start!!  I love a long duster sweater!

Holding on to classic pieces can take your wardrobe a long way! And mixing some old with a little new is always fun in fashion!!  And a classic vintage piece can always make your look more interesting!! (Vintage Bags are the best!!)

And yes, shorts in the winter are awesome!! Just make sure you’ve got your tights on deck and ready to complete your look!!!

Thank you Mr. Jacobs for following your passion, and helping millions of us create beautiful moments in your fabulous pieces.  I salute you sir!!

Happy layering dolls!!


  • Duster Sweater: BCBG
  • Shorts: Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Boots: Marc Jacobs
  • Blouse: ZARA
  • Fedora: Club Monaco
  • Clutch: Vintage
  • Necklace: Marc Jacobs
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This is a Cold War… Fashion’s What I’m Fighting For! : Memo 013

The Subject: The Coat

Ok…. So…. This weather in the Midwest… Is a WAR…

So of course every soldier must be suited for battle… I’ve got my war clothes on!

I love a good snow storm... Bring on the LOOKS!

I love a good snow storm… Bring on the LOOKS!

Turtleneck Blouse: Custo Barcelona  Neon Belt: Target

Turtleneck Blouse: Custo Barcelona
Neon Belt: Target


It's super important to keep your skin glowing during the winter month!! Moisturize!!

It’s super important to keep your skin glowing during the winter months!! Moisturize!!

Growing up in the Midwest I’m no stranger to a serious snow storm or even harsh temperatures… So it’s super important to make sure the pieces I have will be functional in this crazy winter weather… If you’ve never experienced below freezing temps, snowflakes, or a great ice storm, you’re just missing out on some of the greatest opportunities to be a true fashion soldier! Layers upon layers, and fur on top of fur are some of my favorite fashion moments! It’s a cold war…. I know what I’m fighting for…. Great fashion!!!

All my favorite colors in one look!

All my favorite colors in one look!

It's all about the details....

It’s all about the details….

I love a great print!  Pants: Cynthia Rowley

I love a great print!
Pants: Cynthia Rowley

Rain Boots: Hunter Jimmy Choo

Rain Boots: Hunter Jimmy Choo

Yes!!!! Rain boots are great to wear in the snow! They aren’t just for the rain! I love the water resistance so I’m not dragging snow and water around with me in every building I walk into! Just make sure you put on a thick pair of socks to keep those toes warm!!

Do I have your attention yet?

Do I have your attention yet?

And don’t forget in these harsh temps to layer under your pants!! Opaque tights and socks are always great to help keep you warm while you slay during this super chilly time of year!

Vintage Fur Tam  Vintage Frames...

Vintage Fur Tam
Vintage Frames…

Military Style Coat with Leather Trim : ZARA

Military Style Coat with Leather Trim : ZARA

This coat for me was a dream come true! I had been searching all year for the perfect coat and didn’t think it was going to happen. My main focus when searching for the perfect winter coat was price, fit, style, and warmth. I got all of that and more with this snag from Zara! And the greatest gift of all was the “sale” price!!! I love a great deal!!! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for style bargains!! They are out there, you just have to stay ready for them!!

Living Life... One Step at a Time!

Living Life… One Step at a Time!

Purple Leather Clutch: Gucci

Purple Leather Clutch: Gucci

So remember dolls, stay warm, stay functional, and most importantly…. FLY!!!



Coat: Zara
Pants: Cynthia Rowley
Turtleneck: Custo Barcelona
Belt: Target
Boots: Hunter Jimmy Choo Collaboration
Fur Tam and Frames Both Vintage finds in Atlanta, GA

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