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All That Glitters….: Memo 020

To: The Posh and Popular Dolls
From: Me

Date: May 26, 2014

Subject: The Peter Pilotto for Target Collection Blazer and Style Mob Iridescent Sequined Pencil Skirt

A little bit of style… A lot of sassy!

Like most girls, if you put something shiny in front of me, you’ve got my attention!! That is exactly what happened the moment I laid eyes on this skirt… I saw it and immediately I was sold. It’s the perfect combination of my style.. Classic, edgy, girlie, sparkly, but more importantly affordable!  I love items like these because you can make them as casual or as dressy as you want… It’s not just a special occasion skirt. It’s something I could pair with a cool t-shirt and chunky boot to make as edgy as I want as well.

This time I opted for a more sophisticated look, by pairing this fabulous skirt with EVERYBODIES new favorite blazer from the Peter Pilotto for Target Collection.  It’s a cool way to wear the blazer aside from just jeans or the matching shorts everyone loves so much (including myself).  Paired with this iridescent skirt the blazer seems softer and more chic! I love wearing it every chance I get, so this combination is one I look forward to repeating!

Clutch: BCBG
Skirt: Style Mob

 Never be afraid of the bold daring pieces… A little print and sparkle can be the very thing that pulls your look together… Stop saying, “I could never pull that off”, because you can… Just start small ladies… and let your style grow and evolve… You’ll see what trying something new could spark!!

The biggest mistake I made with this skirt that I wanted to share with you all was, the size I purchased. I should have followed my first mind and purchased a size smaller. Sometimes with online shopping I get nervous, because I can’t try the item on, so I tend to buy things a size up,  just in case they run small. In this case my plan backfired… I wanted a tighter fit… Something a little more sexy… This is why everyone should have a tailor on deck! Having a great tailor is the difference between the perfect fit and a perfect nightmare!!

So remember, mix and match your favorite pieces! They deserve more than just that one tired look you continue to put together to play it safe… And never be afraid of being bold with your prints and textures!! Let the glamour girl inside of you loose!!! Be free, beauty!!


 Skirt: Style Mob  Jacket: Peter Pilotto for Target

Necklace: ZARA

Lace Tank: Vintage BEBE

  • Blazer: Peter Pilotto for Target Collection
  • Skirt: Style Mob
  • Necklace: ZARA
  • Lace Tank: Vintage BEBE
  • Heels: BCBG Paris
  • Clutch: BCBG

Photography: House of Evbuomwan

Make-Up: Beauty by Cassandra

Not Your Baby’s Bib…: Memo 019



To: Posh and Popular Dolls
From: Me

Date: May 22, 2014

Subject: The Peter Pilotto for Target Collection Cardigan and Seven for All Mankind Bib

I love a great bib, and I’m not talking the bibs you get when you eat crab legs at the local seafood joint, I’m talking GLAM honey…!!

I really wanted to do something different with this cardigan!! I felt like the quality and detail deserved more than just a pair of slacks or a nice penny loafer… This cardigan had spunk and I wanted to showcase that in my own unique way… Plus, any opportunity for me to wear leather is always a win in the fashion play book for me!


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My Life in the Sunshine!!: Memo 018

To: Posh and Popular Dolls
From: Me

Date: May 20, 2014

Subject: The Peter Pilotto for Target Collection Printed/Floral Dress


Honest Moment: I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to wear this adorable dress, so naturally the first sight of sunshine had me ALL IN!!

I remember that cold Sunday morning, back in February, I woke up super early to get to Target the day this collection launched, and this item was the FIRST piece to hit my shopping cart!

I love how bold and bright the prints are… This dress screams springtime!! I love that I can make this dress look as classy or as edgy as I’d like. You get a great balance with a piece like this!! Whether it’s paired with a cute cardigan or a leather jacket, any fashionista could make this dress her very own! That is something to love about any piece of clothing you purchase…. Being able to reinvent your look each time you put your favorite piece on! This is that dress for me…. I cant wait to wear it several more times during this spring/summer season… My wheels are already turning about how I can style it the next time I wear it!  It’s my new favorite dress!!


Purple Leather Clutch: Gucci

Purple Leather Clutch: Gucci

Boots: BEBE

Boots: BEBE

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Necklace: FlyBehavior Boutique

Necklace: FlyBehavior Boutique


Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target

Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target


  • Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target
  • Fringe Boots: BEBE
  • Necklace: FlyBehavior Boutique
  • Purple Leather Clutch: Gucci
  • Feathered Earrings: BEBE


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