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Happy Hour Just Got A Bit More Glamourous at The Ten Nail Bar!

Have you heard about The Ten Nail Bar? If not, you’ve been hiding under a not so glamourous rock! Making it’s debut less than 10 months ago, The Ten Nail Bar has instantly become one of my favorite beauty destinations in Downtown Detroit, and here’s why!

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The concept of Detroit’s first modern nail bar was designed  to provide clients and customers with a #Perfect10 experience. This isn’t your average run of the mill nail salon. The moment you walk through the doors of The Ten you experience an atmosphere of trendy relaxation, where you can enjoy great music, a glass of wine or champagne with your best girlfriends, a clean and precise manicure, and a much needed break from all  of the noise going on around you. The ladies of The Ten provide a top notch experience that have hipsters and socialites alike flocking to their premier salon!

DSC_9072Founders Anika Jackson and Kelli Coleman, both Detroit Natives, Spelman graduates, and a family history of entrepreneurship,  went on to work in major metropolitan cities – New York and Chicago- and were fortunate enough to build a wealth of business experience.  Experience that could be used to further their entrepreneurial passion! After years in New York and Chicago  respectively, these best friends knew it was time to return home and launch a business that would address an unmet need, and decided to team up to open one of the trendiest Nail Bars in Downtown Detroit, MI!

“We saw a need for a quality, modern nail bar that could also serve as a  fun social space for Detroit’s residents and professionals. How could we not  have a place in Downtown Detroit for manis, pedis, and champagne?  Don’t we deserve it Detroit?”

And that we truly do! I mean what girl doesn’t love a fabulous cocktail during a great pedicure? I certainly do, and I’m certain all of my Posh Dolls would agree!


These ladies have even curated a beautiful signature room fragrance, exclusive to The Ten Nail Bar. When you walk in, you know you’re at The Ten, because of this luxurious scent. They have a collection of candles and room sprays available for purchase to take a piece of The Ten home with you! And, as a fragrance aficionado, I can tell you, the scent is perfection! I have purchased a few candles myself!


Their attention to detail is evident through the level of service they provide and the ambience you experience the moment you arrive. From the trendy non-traditional décor, to the all natural (acrylic is not used in this salon) and precise nail services provided, you are sure to leave feeling like a Perfect Ten!

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Offering services like the TEN Speed manicure for our girls on the go, to the InTENtion manicure and pedicure options for the girl who has a little extra time to relax, or even my favorite, the TENder Care deluxe options for the ladies who like to be a little bit more pampered during their stay, there is something for every girl boss, at The Ten! They even offer a TENure Membership program for just $100 a month, which consist of  two manicures and two deluxe pedicures per month, access to members only pricing on other TEN services and products, plus monthly members only treats and samples. I love a great membership program! It saves you money, and makes you schedule time for pampering!

The ladies of The Ten were even gracious enough to sponsor last year’s Posh and Popular Fashion and Beauty Summit’s VIP kickoff event, in their beautiful Nail Bar, and even gifted all of our VIPs with gift cards to return for a Ten Speed Manicure! Talk about generous girl bosses! Anika and Kelli have been such amazing supporters of the Posh and Popular brand since their return to the City of Detroit, and we will continue to support them in their endeavors! Be sure to call or go online and book your appointment at The Ten Nail Bar today, and tell them Posh and Popular sent you!

The Fashion and Beauty Summit VIP

The Fashion and Beauty Summit VIP

The Fashion and Beauty Summit VIP

Because of their amazing support of last year’s inaugural Fashion and Beauty Summit, it was a no brainer to have the founders of The Ten apart of this years event! They will be sitting on our “Power in Partnerships” Panel, and are super excited to share with our attendees their journey in partnership. We are so proud to have Kelli and Anika apart of year’s Fashion and Beauty Summit! They are so excited to be apart and cannot wait to connect with each of you this October!

The Fashion and Beauty Summit VIP

You can find The Ten Nail Bar in the Heart of Downtown Detroit

Capitol Park

1215 Griswold Street

Detroit MI, 48226


Photography Courtesy of:
Leo Sage Images
J. Milhouse Photography

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The Fashion and Beauty Summit VIP Kickoff Sip and SLAY at The Ten Detroit Nail Bar!

The Fashion and Beauty SummitThe Ten Detroit

Check out some of our amazing attendees at The Fashion and Beauty Summit VIP Kickoff Sip and SLAY, sponsored by The Ten Detroit Nail Bar, in Downtown Detroit!

VIP attendees received:
A gift card good for one Ten Speed Manicure, Sponsored by The Ten Detroit Nail Bar
A Lip Color, Sponsored by The Lip Bar
A Fun, Fly, Fabulous Lifestyle Box, Sponsored By Arian Simone
A Gift Certificate for One Complete Facial, Sponsored by Farr From Black Beauty Studio
10% off Services at Skinphorea Facial Bar

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Custom Cocktails were sponsored by Sumptuous Spirits Mobile Bartending Service

4 (1)


We are so grateful to all of our sponsors and partners and look forward to more fabulous Posh and Popular Events to come! The inaugural Fashion and Beauty Summit was nothing short of amazing! Enjoy the photo gallery of our amazing VIP attendees below!



A Special Thanks to Our Photography Sponsor: Leo Sage Images, Shaleena Cole


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Posh and Popular Enjoys Quiet Luxury With The New Lincoln MKC

Posh and Popular Lincoln

What do most fashionista’s search for in a vehicle?  Most times, it’s something with style, plenty of room for girl’s night out, and of course sleek performance, quality and the latest technology. The new Lincoln MKC delivers in each of those areas!

Posh and Popular Lincoln

For the last week I have been enjoying quiet luxury with this state of the art vehicle. It matches perfectly with my style and personality. It’s functional, spacious, luxurious, and great for girls on the go like myself! This week I had so many errands to run, in preparation for the inaugural Fashion and Beauty Summit, presented by Posh and Popular, and the Lincoln MKC saved my life! The hands free trunk access feature, made it so easy to throw all of the attendee gift bags in the trunk! I mean, messing up my manicure was not an option! I really enjoyed the smooth ride, and the heated seats weren’t so bad either!  I believe women want the same thing in the perfect outfit they want in a vehicle, something that works in any setting, on trend, and most importantly a brand that is known for style, and the Lincoln MKC certainly fits the mold of the perfect outfit for me! It’s a perfect fit!

Posh and Popular Lincoln

Being Posh and Popular is certainly a mindset, an overall way of life. I believe classy and edgy go hand in hand, and this SUV fits that mold, and is perfect for any Posh and Popular doll! Having great style begins and ends with how you live, and what you choose to drive, and this SUV has set a new standard in affordable luxury. Now if I can only find the perfect nail color to match…. A girl has to coordinate, right!? Check out more details on this sleek and sophisticated SUV, and other amazing styles on The Official Lincoln Website today! Remember, having great style is always POPULAR!




It’s All In The Details:

  • Leather Top: BCBG
  • Skirt: Custom Made:Kristina Bowman-Smith
  • Shoes: MiuMiu

Photography: Leo Sage Images, Shaleena Cole

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20 Beauty Products I Swear By!

You want to know what’s on my vanity, in my bathroom cabinet, or in my purse?  Here are 20 of my must have beauty products!

1.  Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover

2.  It Works Toner

3. MAC Lip Stick – Top Picks: Saint Germain, Girl About Town, Ruby Woo, Heroine, Bowl Me Over

4. Le Mieux Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream

5. It Works Exfoliating Peel 

6. Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Scrub

7. Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash

8. Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Soap

9. Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

10. Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion

11. Dry Bar: Detox Dry Shampoo

12. Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

13. Shea Moisture Black Soap

14. Oribe Gold Lust Transformation Masque – Deep Hair Conditioning

15. Nivea Cream

16. Water!! Lots of It!

17. Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser


18. Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Lotion

19. Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel 

20. Evian Mineral Water Spray 


Click to Shop Bond No 9



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Fragrance Junkie Chronicles: My Wedding Fragrance

As I approach the 1 year mark of my marriage, I am growing increasingly nostalgic to that incredibly beautiful day, what it meant to me, what I felt like, and the unforgettable notion that I made the biggest commitment of my life in front of hundreds of people that meant so much to me and the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with. Part of that nostalgia is remembering what fragrance was chosen for me, and remembering that scent will be forever tied to the most beautiful day of my life.

That scent for me was L’Artisan Parfumeur Paris, La Chasse Aux Papillons.  I remember like it was yesterday (Mainly because it feels just like it was yesterday, this year has gone by way to fast), I wanted a uniquely beautiful scent, and I wanted it to come from Paris, literally. It had always been a dream of mine to wear a beautiful Parisian scent that no one I knew would ever have or wear! As fate would have it, I had a dear friend, Tiffany, living in Paris at the time! I messaged her on What’s App (Best app ever), and pleaded with her to find me the perfect wedding scent. It worked out perfectly because she was traveling to London to visit my best friend Nicole, and was able to give it to her prior to Nicole traveling to the U.S. for the wedding!  I gave Tiff three parameters for the perfect scent; it must be unique, something that cannot be purchased in the U.S., and floral. I live for floral scents! They are so soft, girly, and romantic, which is exactly the aroma I wanted on my wedding day!

I must say, Tiffany did not disappoint! She was a bit nervous, especially knowing my love of fragrances, but, she hit the nail on the head with this amazing scent! Thank you Tiff!!!

L’Artisan Parfumeur, a Parisian based fragrance brand, was founded by Jean Laporte over 40 years ago. This historic Parisian perfume company is now run by a team of skilled perfumers, with 100+ years of experience. With a celebration of this classically beautiful brands return, it’s no secrete its iconic heritage, is finally revealing its love of nature.

My wedding scent, La Chasse Aux Papillons, which translates to the Hunting of Butterflies, captures the essence of femininity and grace. As described by the L’Artisan Parfumeur:

Dusk draws over the blue skies and the day becomes golden. In this perfect moment before day becomes night, the air is sun-drenched and filled with white flowers. The light is soft and seductive. The mood is daring and mysterious. The scent of jasmine lingers in the air together with the last butterflies of the day.

Bergamot, Madarin, Pink Pepper, Linden Blossom, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Lemon Tree Blossom, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang.
Girly. Innocent. Playful.

If you’re worried whether or not you can ever own this scent yourself, don’t worry, Sephora has it available for order!  While it isn’t available in stores, you can definitely order online! Trust me, you’ll love it!

La Chasse Aux Papillons is everything a woman could want in a wedding fragrance, and I am forever grateful this unique scent was mine. Did you have a wedding fragrance? If so what scent did you wear? Comment below, I’d love to know!



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$400 For a Hair Dryer? Is The Dyson Supersonic Truly The Newest Beauty Innovation?

This past April, Dyson (yes the vacuum brand) solidified themselves as game changers in the beauty industry when they introduced this innovative new hair dryer, better known as the Supersonic. With the launch and availabilty of the beauty device this past June, beauty lovers around the world are left wondering have we witnessed hair drying history?

Sure one might take a look at the price tag and think, “OH NO WAY, $400 for a hair dryer?” And I’d have to admit, I had that exact sentiment. I mean why would I spend $400 on a hair dryer when I can pick up one for less than $50 at my local beauty supply store? What was the big deal, I thought? But the more I researched the product the more it started to become appealing to me. Sure $400 is a lot of money, but most women spend that within 2 months with regular visits to the hair salon. Could this be the investment I’d need to make, to save thousands of dollars at the beauty salon in the long run? Well let’s see…

A couple of facts about The Dyson Supersonic:

  • The brand spent over $60,000 buying different textures of human hair to test their product. They wanted to be sure to test the dryer’s quality, and what affect it could possibly have on several different textures of hair.
  • They literally built this device from nothing. The equipment and technology they needed didn’t exist, so they created it. Talk about innovation! Dyson is clearly no stranger to being innovative, so it’s cool to see they are taking this transition into the beauty industry just as serious as they would creating a new vacuum, air filter, or hand-dryer, three products they are known for perfecting.
  • They worked with some of the world’s top hairstylist to perfect the device’s functionality and features.
  • This beauty gadget is equipped with a silencer feature that makes the sound of “blow drying” close to obsolete.  To reduce the noise of the Supersonic, Dyson’s engineers included acoustic silencers in the handle of the dryer – eliminating the typically annoying loud blower sound. (I bet your husbands, boyfriends, and sleeping children can appreciate that)
  • It didn’t happen overnight. The Dyson Supersonic has been in the making for the last 4 years, so it’s clear serious time and effort has gone in to perfecting the hair drying process!


I’ve never known a Dyson product to not be of the highest quality, but I still was a little skeptical. So I researched a little more. What I can appreciate is, Dyson really took the time to understand the science of hair and what other hair dryers were doing incorrectly. According to engineers at Dyson,

Hair dryers with big bulky motors have to put them in the head – it’s the only place they will fit. That’s why hair dryer design hasn’t changed since the 1960s. The Dyson digital motor V9 propels 13 liters of air per second, but it’s no wider than 1.06 in. Just small enough to turn conventional engineering on its head.

They found a quicker more effective way to dry hair. No more spending 30 minutes drying your hair when it should otherwise take you half the time. They found a sleeker way to pack a little more power in the punch!

What I am going gaga over is the sleek design of this hair dyer! It is aesthetically beautiful, and has a ton of different functions that all glamour girls can appreciate. Each attachment goes on easily! No more twisting and turning until you feel like your wrist is about to break! Each attachment pops on easily with a sleek magnetic feature that is sure to make your hair drying experience an easy one!

The Smoothing nozzle, Styling concentrator, Diffuser – Iron, Non-slip mat, and Storage hanger are all of the attachments and extras you receive with your choice of either the silver or fuchsia dryer color option.

The bottom line, this dryer is worth every penny, but the question is are you willing to make the investment and splurge? I think I’ll be adding this to my Christmas List. This dryer is truly holiday wish list worthy!






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Skinphorea Facial Bar Brings Euphoria To Beauty Lovers in Michigan!


The opening of the hottest new full service skincare spa, was without question, worth the wait! Skinphorea started off as an online skincare blog that offered high quality retail skincare products and helpful tips to women who wanted to be educated in the skincare department. Now they’re a full fledged brick and mortar facial bar, that specializes in creating custom facial cocktail treatments and educating each client on how to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.   All of the products used at this one of a kind facial bar are the highest of quality and all natural.  The beauty of this unique skin care oasis is, you’re able to obtain high quality facial services at the fraction of the cost! Each facial offered is only $49. If you’re like me and love getting facials, but hate the high cost of perfect skin, Skinphorea is sure to exceed your expectations! It’s an excellent experience and price point for girls-on-the-go that take skincare seriously, but aren’t trying to break the bank in the process!  Located in Royal Oak, MI, Skinphorea offers facial and body waxing services from licensed experts, while featuring top line products like Skinscript, and one of my favorites, Le Mieux.  Skinphorea is sure to meet all of your skincare needs, fabulously!



With a carefully curated menu of services, Skinphorea offers customizable vegan facial cocktails from their super creative facial bar menu. With the help of your own personal skin care therapist to ensure you’re getting the right treatment for your skin type, you are sure to leave with the fabulously coined, Skinphorea Glow! I am absolutely in love with the bar’s menu of treatment options! With treatments like, The Hydrating Colada, The Brightening Espresso, The Vegan Sangria, and my favorite, The Margarita on the Rocks, you are sure to find a cocktail that meets your skin’s needs!  And it doesn’t end there, they also offer Shots, that are just $10 each. These additional add on services provide exclusive enhancements to any of the main facials offered! Options like the Tequila Extractions, Malibu Eye Treatment, Gummy Bear Lip Treatment, and my favorite, the Mini Micro-Mimosas, are sure to make your experience even more posh!

If that isn’t enough, they even offer Top Shelf treatments & add-on’s for the true Posh + Popular Dolls that appreciate a little extra indulgence!  All of the Top Shelf services are done in a private area, where Posh Dolls can relax and enjoy being pampered quietly and comfortably, with no interruptions.

Some of the Top Shelf menus options include, the Long Island Cocktail, the Mojito-Dermabrasion, The Cosmo Peel (Chemical Peel), and the Bellini Back Facial to name a few.  And let’s not forget the Top Shelf add-on services like, the White Russian Mask – (24 kt gold Hydrating mask) and the Mai Tai Oxygen Treatment, offered at $20 a piece! I will for sure be adding the White Russian Mask to my next service, 24 kt gold, I’ll take that!

The Top shelf services are also 60 minute services versus the 30 minute service you’d receive from the standard Bar Menu. The best part about the Top Shelf services offered, is  they’re still super affordable ranging between $50-$65 per treatment.  If this isn’t a beauty lovers dream I don’t know what is? Having the opportunity to really invest in your skincare is now attainable with the amazing price points provided by Skinphora.

If you’re wondering whether or not they forgot about the men, they didn’t, they offer services for the gentleman too! The special men in your life deserve a little pampering as well. So on your first visit, be sure to inquire about the male services offered on The Cocktail List.


Skinphorea also offers non-alcholic beverages to each guest upon arrival, but if you’d like a little bubbly, they can take care of that too!  I mean what girl doesn’t appreciate a little champagne!  And, if you’re wondering whether or not they offer membership options, worry no more, because they do! For $45 dollars a month you’re able to choose any standard service provided on The Cocktail List, a complementary Shot, and 10% off any additional products and services purchased from The Bar during the month! Of course I’ve already signed up for a membership, it just made logical sense!  Achieving the Skinphorea Glow, and saving money in the process.  Be sure to contact them for additional membership options and services.


In my opinion (which is usually on point), Skinphorea is the hottest new facial bar in the Metro Detroit area. But you have to experience it for yourself! If you’re looking for a venue to host your next girls day, date night, birthday party, or me day, Skinphorea is the perfect spot! Log on to their website or call and book your appointment now, and be sure to tell them Posh + Popular sent you! They love to give goodies to new clients, especially my Posh + Popular Dolls!

Founder’s Shareese Shorter and Jessica Hayes are truly passionate about their business and it shows. From beginning to end the service I received upon arrival was top notch. When I had a chance to speak with the ladies of Skinphora, co-founder Jessica Hayes had some great things to say about their vision for the brand.

We wanted to bring something different to the Metro Detroit area; a facial bar with a “Happy Hour” feel. Most beauty bars attempt to be a one-stop shop and deliver a broad range of services. We didn’t want to be the spa that was good at doing everything, but instead specializing in one-thing, which is skincare and being great at it.

Wise words from a true expert in the beauty industry!

Earlier this year, the ladies of Skinphorea joined my friends and I on an episode of my YouTube series, Pink Kisses! Check out all of the amazing skincare tips they provided in this hilariously informative skincare episode! It’s no surprise their business is as beautiful and innovative as they are! Enjoy this episode, if you haven’t already, and don’t forget to log on to their website to schedule your first visit, today!

Photography: Moon Reflections Photography
Be sure to tell them Posh and Popular sent you!


30 Things You May Not Have Known About Kimberly!


1. I am a DELTA! A member of the Best Sorority in the World!!!

2. I used to be a tomboy, and played basketball throughout my childhood, and won several national championships with my teammates!

3. The first time I attended public school was high school.

4. My worst international travel experience was Paris, not because it wasn’t beautiful, but because I lost an entire half a day of sightseeing with friends because someone jumped in front of the train my friends were scheduled to arrive on. Crazy right!? (I plan to go back for longer than 48 hours very soon!)

5. I  love doing things alone like going to the movies, shopping, dining out, and traveling. I have never been afraid to do things solo.

6. I don’t feel pretty unless my hair and make-up are done. No really… LOL .. Don’t judge me!

7. I am obsessed with my Husband! He is the best ever!

8. I was on the hit reality show ‘Making the Band’. I learned I would be on the show the week after my college graduation. I was only a finalist, but it was an unforgettable experience. Now if I can figure out a way to raid the stage during the Bad Boy Reunion, my life would be complete!

9. My first job was at Banana Republic at 17.

10. I was a choir nerd in high school. I would skip classes to sing in every choir class besides my own.

11. I used to make up songs about house hold chores when I was a kid.

12. I am arachnophobic. Seriously.

13. I am a true Daddy’s girl…. My dad is really my bestie!

14. Brandy is my FAVORITE SINGER… Vocal Bible… I will fight you over her… No really!

15. If Kanye West and I had attended high school together, we would have for sure been best friends. I love KANYE WEST!

16. Reggie Bush has been my crush since his days at USC.

17. Of course you know I am obsessed with perfume, but I always keep one scent in my personal collection, ‘Love’s Baby Soft’! It was the first perfume my mother bought for me when I was 6 years old, and I still love it!

18. My best friends in my head are Nicole Richie, Kela Walker, and Alicia Quarles.

19. My Aunties in my head are Oprah Winfrey, Wendy Williams, Nene Leakes, and Toni Braxton.

20. I am a Real Housewives of Atlanta junkie, #TEAMKENYA

21. I don’t eat cheese, not even on my pizza! Any dairy for that matter.

22. I hate buying shoes, my flat feet make it hard for me to enjoy wearing certain types of shoes. Plus, my taste is too expensive to buy all the shoes I really love!

23. I collect toiletries from every hotel I stay at. I have a travel size stockpile you would not believe! LOL… I even make my friends get me soap, lotion, and shower gels from certain hotels when they travel.

24. Having a spa day is my FAVORITE past time. I like trying spas in different cities I travel to as well.

25. I won “Class Laugh” in my high school senior year superlatives.

26. I am borderline OCD.

27. I am an HBCU graduate! Alabama A&M University… Go Bulldogs!

28. Music is my first love.

29. I am afraid of waterslides. I drowned when I was 8 and haven’t gotten on one since.

30. I am addicted to Rice Krispy Treats.



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A Simple Sparkle & Shine!


Keeping your look simple doesn’t always mean you have to be super conservative. You can always add a touch of glitz and glamour to any easy going look. Some days I don’t feel like wearing tons of jewelry, so I opt for a little sparkle in my attire!

Some days a cute top, with a pop of color can do the trick! The simplest looks can often turn the most heads! No jewelry, just glammed face and nails! I even love doing this look with a simple white t-shirt and hat! (more…)

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Beauty Secrets I Live By: Fresh Face Glamour!


For every woman, there is that one thing that makes you feel like your look is complete. For some it is the right hairstyle, for others it’s a certain necklace or pair of earring. For me, it’s a perfect makeup application. I never feel completely glammed or ready for a great event or night out without my makeup done to perfection. Keeping a great BEAT is the key to perfection for me!

I think it started from my days as a pageant girl and a performer. As a singer, even if I didn’t have a lot of money for a great new outfit, I would always splurge to get my hair and makeup done for a dramatic over the top look! I also think that your face is the first thing people notice, so creating a flawless look can always leave a lasting impression!

Now, I am not a professional makeup artist, so my day to day makeup looks are generally very fresh faced, but I keep a great artist on deck! And I think every fashionista should. All Posh and Popular Dolls should have at least 4 makeup artists in your contact list that you can call for those special events in your life.

Between my engagement photos, bridal shower, (more…)

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