Kimberly Brown-Dobine has been your blogger for all things fashion and beauty since September 2013. As Posh and Popular’s creator and editor, she remains passionate about changing how women across communities perceive themselves. Inspiring others while they confidently yet stylishly achieve success is essential.
Kimberly created Posh and Popular as an avenue to not only express herself through her personal style but to also help others gain the same confidence to go out and be their most fabulous selves.
Having a background that encompasses event design & coordination and corporate banking, sells & marketing, Kimberly was empowered to expand her brand recently to feature more services, which now include event design and home décor.
Kimberly also launched a new YouTube series, “Pink Kisses”,  for the fashion forward, woman on the go! This series features women that care about what’s going on within their community and share the same passion for empowering women to be true to their authentic selves while enjoying her friends in the process. Giving a platform for women in business is the primary goal of the series. It’s a great mix of everyday life topics for the millennial woman!
Whether Kimberly is being a wife, style blogger, YouTuber, or corporate professional, her mission is to help women be their best self and to each day feel confident, find peace in their purpose, and look unbelievably fashionable while doing so!