Welcome to Posh and Popular!

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully getting some great personal style inspiration today!

Posh and Popular is where you can find a great mix of personal style, beauty, and lifestyle tips for any budget. It is where the classy and edgy collide. As a self-proclaimed accessorizing master; my strengths are finding the right looks for any occasion on a budget and looking like a million dollars in the process. Taking the simplest top and accessorizing it with the right necklace and chunky bracelet is the key to pulling any look together.

Mixing high-end designer pieces, with beautiful vintage or less expensive quality pieces is my forte.  I created Posh and Popular as an avenue to not only express myself through my personal style, but to also help others gain the same confidence to go out and be their most fabulous selves.  One of my favorite quotes that has been my email signature for years is, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” –Coco Chanel… It is this very quote that I live by daily and what inspires Posh and Popular. Being your unique self is the most stylish thing any person can do!

 I LOVE FASHION!! I live and breathe it. It is my thing…Always has been.  Surrounding myself with beautiful things and people gives me an appreciation for who I am inside and out.

My goal with this blog is to help someone out there to be their absolute best self. To each day feel confident, find peace in your purpose, and look unbelievably fashionable while doing so!