From the visionary mind and creative lens of Kimberly M. Dobine is the continued conversation, collaboration and connection between business-driven women emerging from the Posh and Popular Brand and Fashion and Beauty Summit. Presenting The Fashion and Beauty Collective, Kimberly extends her reach to women from every circumstance who are invigorated by personal and professional development and elevation in every aspect of life. A membership program mindfully designed to equip women with the tools necessary for game changing movement, The Fashion and Beauty Collective unites action-oriented women each month for engagement centered on business and entrepreneurial navigation, while incorporating imperative elements focused intently on women-facing issues of modern times including self-care maintenance within entrepreneurial lifestyles, work & familial balance, using one’s voice for change, client relationship building, strategic partnering, legal knowledge and all-encompassing business education alongside proactive awareness. An unmatched recurring experience for every woman who joins, private monthly meetings are aligned with exclusive access to select specialized events as well as discounts to experiences hosted by the Posh and Popular Brand. 
Through an enterprising, immersive and no woman left behind delivery, the Fashion and Beauty Collective propels every woman forward in stepping fully into the life they desire for themselves by challenging members with a new topic each month that requires them to push past hindering mindsets, fear, and all limiting beliefs to enact significant change which moves their needle in the direction of success. Raising the standard of excellence for women in business and multifaceted visionaries alike, the Fashion and Beauty Collective is the opportunity for women to match their words with practical steps that will lead them to define success for themselves and on their rightful terms while being gifted with the armor of sisterhood advocacy we all need and deserve. 

The Fashion and Beauty Collective

Fashion and Beauty Collective

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