Not Your Baby’s Bib…: Memo 019



To: Posh and Popular Dolls
From: Me

Date: May 22, 2014

Subject: The Peter Pilotto for Target Collection Cardigan and Seven for All Mankind Bib

I love a great bib, and I’m not talking the bibs you get when you eat crab legs at the local seafood joint, I’m talking GLAM honey…!!

I really wanted to do something different with this cardigan!! I felt like the quality and detail deserved more than just a pair of slacks or a nice penny loafer… This cardigan had spunk and I wanted to showcase that in my own unique way… Plus, any opportunity for me to wear leather is always a win in the fashion play book for me!

I still remember that  Sunday morning, at Target when I spotted this cardigan, I told my friend Shareese, “This is going to be sooooo cute”, and this bib literally brought it all together!

I’ve had this one of a kind bib going on almost 5 years now… It was one of my TJ MAXX jewels!! I always find some amazing pieces in there when I least expect it… I had no idea what I’d wear it with, I just knew it was meant for me… This bib screamed Miss KB!! And now I know her purpose was to complete this look!

Taking items that a very over the top and glamorous and pairing them with items like denim or leather can help to create an edgier chic look… You can be glam and edgy at the same time, it’s just about making sure you have a great mix of both throughout your look!

So the next time you need inspiration on how to spice up that cardigan you haven’t worn in months or even years, remember… Just add BLING… And leather!

You’re welcome… I know you said thank you in your head!! LOL


Bib: Seven for a All Mankind

Bib: Seven for a All Mankind

Cardigan: Peter Pilotto for Target Collection

Cardigan: Peter Pilotto for Target Collection


Ring: The Limited

Leather Skirt: Guess
Booties: Charles Jourdan Paris

 When it feels right… Go for it!!!

  • Hat:  BCBG
  • Bib:  Seven For All Mankind
  • Cardigan:  Peter Pilotto for Target Collection
  • Leather Skirt:  Guess
  • Booties: Charles Jourdan Paris
  • Ring:  The Limited

Photography: House of Evbuomwan

Make-Up: Beauty by Cassandra

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Not Your Baby’s Bib…: Memo 019

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