The Dress: The “Meredith” Gown By Kenneth Pool


The Gown


A girl’s trip to New York in February 2015 changed my bridal journey! I remember trying on dresses, and not really having a “moment”, like I’d heard so many former brides say. Every dress I tried on just looked the same to me. I actually had become very disenchanted with the bridal gown search. So I took a girls trip with one of my best friends Sherie, and she decided to make some appointments for me to try on some gowns, that’s what good friends do, and I am so glad she did!  I had originally thought I found a dress and purchased it prior to the trip (that dress ended up becoming my second gown), so I wasn’t really in the mindset to find “The Dress”. I am so happy I was open to trying, because that trip completely helped bring my bridal vision to life.

We went to Amsale Bridal in New York City, and the rest is history! You talk about having a moment… We were in FULL OUT UGLY TEARS the moment I stepped into this gown! I truly felt like a princess, and I will forever remember that experience. This dress was made custom to fit my body. Designer Kenneth Pool does a great job of making sure each gown is custom fit for you on your special day. When my dress arrived from New York six months later, it literally fit like a glove. The Amsale Bridal team ensured my bridal journey was classic and memorable.



My advice: Having large groups of people with you may not always be the best idea. I had some of my favorite bridal moments when it was just me, and maybe one other person. To many opinions can become a headache. Stay true to who you are, and ALWAYS follow your first mind!







Dress Designed By: Kenneth Pool

Floral Designer: Amber Kirkland with Velvet Touch Florals

Head Piece: Custom Design by Christie Lauren 

Wedding Shoes: Versace and Miu Miu





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The Dress: The “Meredith” Gown By Kenneth Pool

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