Camouflage Cutie!


If you can believe this or not, there was a time in my life were I used to be afraid of doubling up bold prints… Yes, that’s right. You could not have paid me to put print on top of print. I would have preferred to just blend in, and not stand out with prints,  a chameleon of some sort… But now… I’m like, keep the colors coming! The bolder the better! I’ve actually had this ensemble since last year and never had an opportunity to wear it, so at the first sight of a beautiful spring day, I was ready to bust it out for a day in the city! Whether you’re going to a girls luncheon, shopping, church, or the tons of other places us girls-on-the-go frequent, it’s ok to add a pop of color in a room full of black and white!


And if your wondering, yes this is a skirt and jacket! So it’s easy to mix it up and wear the jacket with a pair of jeans or the skirt with a cute blouse! That’s the beauty of paired sets, you can always mix and match them!


And with such a bold printed look I always opt for a neutral colored shoe, in this case, white was perfect to break up so many bold colors!



Camouflage has always been used for hunters to blend in with the wilderness, now it’s used for cuties to stand out! Embrace color! I feel like I’ve said this time and time again, because it’s so true! Be free to be bold and fearless in fashion loves!






  • Skirt Set:
  • Shoes: Versace
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Hair: Malika Goins – @beautybymalika

Make-Up: Cassandra Ward – @CWMUA

Photography: Breann White – @breannwhlgn

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Camouflage Cutie!

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