Self-Care is Paramount

I stopped limiting my self care to just an occasional spa day. Now don’t get me wrong, a good spa day, mani, pedi, and the occasional movie alone, is always amazing components to my self care routine, however, I started to realize, for me, self care looks like a number of things, depending on the day. Becoming a new mother really redefined what self care looks like for me as well.

What I realized was that my friendships are an important part of my self care. I enjoy my me time, but I thrive in sister like friendships that encompass genuine connectivity that are effortlessly fun. Whether it’s one on one time with my closest friends, girl’s night out, relaxing in my favorite pj’s with my best friends, laughing uncontrollably about old memories, or doing absolutely nothing but eating popcorn and drinking champagne while watching a good movie. Self care is getting to the place where I feel the most like myself, the best parts of myself, which is why girly fun-filled pamper time with my girlfriends always does the trick. Having great friends that help you find your center is such a blessing, so I stopped limiting my selfcare to being alone, and learned to find solice in sharing those moments with those that are closest to me!

My top 5 self care activities to do with my good girlfriends:

Spa Days

Mani/Pedi Meet Ups

Taking an Exercise Class Together

Taking a Walk on The River Walk With the Kiddies in their Strollers

Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurants

How have you stopped limiting your selfcare? Have you thought about new ways to take care of yourself? Share in the comments below! 

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Self-Care is Paramount

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