Shopping Live6 This Holiday Season!

As we all know, 2020 has by far been the most interesting year we all have ever experienced. From a pandemic to social distancing, to sanitizing our homes and minds, to social injustice and unrest amongst black people, for me, 2020 brought a new meaning to supporting my own. With all of that being said, I decided this year I wanted to make sure I shopped in my neighborhood! Shopping local this holiday season will mean so much to so many small business owners! As a small business owner myself, I know all about the anxiety of wondering if your business will continue to thrive, even in this distinctly unique climate. So, being intentional about where I spend my money this holiday season, was extremely important to me. 

I wanted to take some time to highlight the Live6 area, what many Detroiters have affectionately called the Avenue of Fashion for decades! During my last minute shopping escapades, I stopped by the Sherwood Forest Art Gallery  to pick out some custom framing for a few photos I’d like to have framed in our new home! How awesome is it to have a custom framer minutes away from my home!? Stopping in the historic shop gave me a bit of nostalgia. Seeing all the custom frame work and actually being able to speak with an expert framer about what I was looking for made me feel like I was a sophisticated Claire Huxtable type of woman, who was serious about my art and photography! It was truly a thrill! Judge me another time, not this one! *Inserts laugh*

With things being behind due to COVID-19 and tons of other holiday orders I’ll have to wait until after the New Year for my custom frame work. But, it will surely be worth the wait if that means I get to support a local business that has been around for ages.

I also took some time to stop into one of my favorite bakeries, Good Cakes and Bakes during my holiday shopping, and grabbed the highly raved about, Hot Cocoa Bomb and I must say they are absolutely delicious!! It made for the perfect Christmas Morning cup of cocoa! 

There are so many unique finds and gifts still available at several shops in the area for family & friends to enjoy on Christmas Day or any holiday or life event. Make sure you check out some of the shops in the Live6 area and remember to shop small this holiday and everyday! 

My favorite shops and restaurants in the area include:

Bronzed and Glow

Good Cakes and Bakes

The Narrow Way Cafe

The Sherwood Forest Art Gallery


Just to name a few! Be sure to check out these businesses and many others in the LIve6 shopping district!

Happy Holiday’s from Posh and Popular!

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Shopping Live6 This Holiday Season!

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