Have You Ever Written A Love Letter To Yourself?

Photo: Nik Heller

I know it may seem like an odd question but, have you ever written a love letter to yourself?

If you haven’t I would like to challenge you during this week of love to try writing one to yourself! Start by writing what you love about yourself, what you do for others, how you work to overcome challenges in your life, what you’re most proud of, and just see how it turns out! Self love is the most important type of love. Don’t forget to love on yourself. Not just this week, but consistently. Stick your love letter to yourself in a safe place then read it to yourself when your having one of those not so good days!!

It’s a great way to gently remind yourself why you are so worthy of love! And don’t just do this for Valentine’s Day, make this a monthly practice. The same way we write in our journals, or on our blogs, we need to make the same type of effort to pour into ourselves! So find some beautiful stationary, and start writing to yourself. You’d be surprised at how your own words my bring you the encouragement you need!

Happy writing! 

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Have You Ever Written A Love Letter To Yourself?

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