10 Best Practices for Working from Home

I’m certain no one could have ever imagined at the start of 2020 where we would find ourselves, at this point in the year. And I am sure no one predicted a global pandemic that would force us all to become teachers for our children, stay at home parents, and remote employees, looking for ways to reduce our stress and staying focused on multitasking everything from home. As someone with over 3 years experience working from home in a corporate and entrepreneurial capacity, I thought I would take some time to share a few helpful tips to get you through this new normal!

○ Wake up at least 60 minutes prior to your start time. This will give you time to shower, eat breakfast, & prepare your mind for the work day!⁣
○ Make the effort to get dressed. Even if it’s just a simple button down shirt & a pair of blue jeans. You never know, you may have to hop on an unexpected video conference, & it’s best to be prepared!⁣
○ Take breaks! It’s important to not burn yourself out working from home. We actually tend to work longer when we are in comfortable settings. So be sure to step away, eat lunch, and stretch!⁣
○ Stay consistent with your level of productivity. Don’t let working from home create lazy work habits.⁣ ○ Create boundaries. Don’t use this time to answer every personal call or run every errand someone requests of you simply because you are working from home. You are still working, so encourage your friends & family to call you after normal business hours.⁣
○ Create a clean and functional work space. Don’t work from your sofa or bed. Those are places where you rest. Set up a designated work space so that you can keep your home a sanctuary. ⁣

○ Make sure to stock up on your favorite beverages & plenty of water. It’s important to stay hydrated, even when working from home.⁣ ○ Create an awesome playlist to get you through the workday! ⁣
○ Be sure to set a personal schedule of allotted time, to complete small household chores like, cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner, washing dishes, or running the vacuum. It’s ok to multitask as long as it’s on a schedule that won’t put you behind on your work priorities. If the task can’t be completed within 30 minutes then let it wait until after you’ve logged out for the day! ⁣
○ Go outside for some fresh air! Even if it’s just 10 minutes. It’s very easy to get consumed with being in the house, so make sure you step outside for some fresh air daily!⁣

Working from home is a new experience for many people, I hope my tips help keep you on task!⁣

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10 Best Practices for Working from Home

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