Spring is Near, But the Flu is Still Lurking

Ways to keep your children safe this winter and spring season!

As busy parents to two children under 5, there can be so many unknown threats to having a safe and enjoyable time with our family outside the home. 

From juggling school, extracurricular activities, birthday parties, spending time with friends and loved ones, it can be difficult navigating where, when, and how to keep our children safe from illnesses and germs that cause all the terrible viruses going around day to day. 

So as we continue to live our daily lives spending time with other family and close friends, we are making sure that we take the proper precautions to stay healthy and safe. It’s no secret that our family chooses to vaccinate and trust the science provided to Michigan parents. Sure like anything, choosing to vaccinate our family can come with questions and concerns, so we depend on healthcare providers and I Vaccinate Michigan to help us navigate all of our questions and concerns surrounding all vaccines! To protect against serious illness, we choose to get the flu shot each year to avoid the headache of one less illness that could put our family’s activities on hold. The flu vaccine is safe, effective, and helps protect yourself and your family. It’s not too late, you can still get your flu vaccine! As we near the end of the winter season, we want to continue to stay protected the best way we can! Being healthy and ready to enjoy the spring ahead is our number one priority!

There are a few things outside of our vaccinations we continue to do day to day to ensure our children stay healthy and protected:

1. Continuing to wear masks in large public settings like, the mall, the grocery store, the movie theater, or any large public area.

2. Having our children keep their hands clean. Having my daughter wash her hands multiple times throughout the day is extremely important, especially having an infant in the house. After we leave public places providing her with hand sanitizer and making sure we all wash our hands upon entering our home is the key!

3. Giving everyone their personal space. While we are an extremely affectionate family, we make sure to not be in each other’s faces too much! This is one small way to help prevent the spread of germs! 

4. Keeping our laundry clean and sanitizing our space. Keeping our home clean, and spraying down areas we frequent in the house are great ways to keep the germs away! 

5. Keeping disinfectant wipes handy. Whether we wipe down the steering wheel in the car after a full day of activities or wiping down the table we sit at in a public place, we are sure to protect ourselves as much as we can! 

That can seem like a lot, but doing those small things on a regular basis has helped to keep my family healthy and ready to enjoy the next adventure! We have so much to look forward to, no one wants to be inconvenienced by preventable illnesses! 

What are you most excited about this upcoming spring season? Personally, my family and I are excited to do some much needed traveling, family time, and spring cleaning! This year has already been off to a busy start for us and it’s the perfect time to begin planning what the rest of 2023 will look like, while enjoying a couple weeks of decluttering and gearing up for what this year is sure to bring!

Most of my family has already been sick this winter with a common cold or other virus. Thankfully we’ve had all the necessary vaccines to help us combat vaccine-preventable illnesses like the flu. 

As a mother of two and wife I believe that every parent has the choice to decide what is best for their children and family. And we also choose to trust and believe that vaccines are truly helpful to communities like ours in Detroit. As we go out shopping in busy stores, have fun at our family gatherings, and even travel to visit loved ones and make new memories, we recognize that staying up to date on our children’s vaccinations will keep them safe and healthy.

A special thank you to I Vaccinate Michigan for allowing my family to share our experiences and story with others. We believe that vaccines are safe, effective, and help protect everyone. We also trust that keeping our children up to date with their vaccinations will also help to protect the many children they come in contact with week to week! Whether it’s the flu vaccine or their childhood vaccines, we choose to keep them prepared and safe. 

We are proud partners of I Vaccinate and this content is sponsored by I Vaccinate.

Photography by Dele Nguyen

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Spring is Near, But the Flu is Still Lurking

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