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Posh in the City with the GMC Terrain

A girl is only as stylish as the car she drives, and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the all new GMC Terrain as I prepared for this year’s Fashion and Beauty Summit! Once I confirmed I had the opportunity to test out this stylishly convenient SUV, my first thought was, I can fit all my looks for the weekend, and our pink carpet for the summit in the trunk! I know, hilarious right! Girl Bosses are always thinking of stylish ways to make things work!


Having a vehicle that is functional for my busy life and stylish is so important, and GMC truly hit the mark with this beauty! A confident woman needs a vehicle with a confident appearance, and accommodating interior to match her fly! I truly enjoyed toting my girlfriends around town and running all my Posh and Popular errands in this beauty! The GMC Terrain offers greater refinement and versatility to adapt to every stylish and tech savvy girl bosses needs! It’s also packed with more technologies than ever before. I was able to listen to my audio books using the AudioBooks app conviently located in the vehicles infotainment system, while moving through downtown traffic. Talk about forward thinking technology!


GMC keeps passengers connected with 7- and available 8-inch-diagonal infotainment systems, featuring compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality and a standard OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that can accommodate up to seven mobile devices. Owners are able to manage their vehicles remotely with the industry-leading myGMC mobile app via their compatible smartphones. Sounds like must have features for the multifaceted millennial girl boss.

There are numerous features I enjoyed about the GMC Terrain. The range of available active safety technologies made it so easy to drive. After getting a manicure, sometimes it can be pretty hard to stay focused, I mean I’m trying not to mess up my nails! I know my girlie girls can relate! But the cool thing about this vehicle is that I felt incredibly safe behind the wheel. Some of the safety features include radar- and camera-based adaptive technologies that can provide alerts to potential crash threats, allowing me to react and make changes to potentially avoid them, including:

  • New Surround Vision
  • New Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator
  • New Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking
  • New Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • New Safety Alert Seat (The seat vibrates when you are drifting out of your lane! Talk about a safety alert!)



With Posh and Popular I have always used my platform to promote confidence in your personal style while pursuing your purpose, and the GMC Terrain helped me do just that! I enjoyed the drive, and felt ready to take on each task in front of me, like a BOSS!

Phography by the incomparable, Bruce Turner Phography

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Posh and Popular Enjoys Quiet Luxury With The New Lincoln MKC

Posh and Popular Lincoln

What do most fashionista’s search for in a vehicle?  Most times, it’s something with style, plenty of room for girl’s night out, and of course sleek performance, quality and the latest technology. The new Lincoln MKC delivers in each of those areas!

Posh and Popular Lincoln

For the last week I have been enjoying quiet luxury with this state of the art vehicle. It matches perfectly with my style and personality. It’s functional, spacious, luxurious, and great for girls on the go like myself! This week I had so many errands to run, in preparation for the inaugural Fashion and Beauty Summit, presented by Posh and Popular, and the Lincoln MKC saved my life! The hands free trunk access feature, made it so easy to throw all of the attendee gift bags in the trunk! I mean, messing up my manicure was not an option! I really enjoyed the smooth ride, and the heated seats weren’t so bad either!  I believe women want the same thing in the perfect outfit they want in a vehicle, something that works in any setting, on trend, and most importantly a brand that is known for style, and the Lincoln MKC certainly fits the mold of the perfect outfit for me! It’s a perfect fit!

Posh and Popular Lincoln

Being Posh and Popular is certainly a mindset, an overall way of life. I believe classy and edgy go hand in hand, and this SUV fits that mold, and is perfect for any Posh and Popular doll! Having great style begins and ends with how you live, and what you choose to drive, and this SUV has set a new standard in affordable luxury. Now if I can only find the perfect nail color to match…. A girl has to coordinate, right!? Check out more details on this sleek and sophisticated SUV, and other amazing styles on The Official Lincoln Website today! Remember, having great style is always POPULAR!




It’s All In The Details:

  • Leather Top: BCBG
  • Skirt: Custom Made:Kristina Bowman-Smith
  • Shoes: MiuMiu

Photography: Leo Sage Images, Shaleena Cole

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Happy Birthday To ME!!


Birthdays are so special to me… It’s truly a time to reflect over the progress you’ve made in your life, and most importantly celebrate your life.
Every year of life we receive is truly a blessing, and I never take one ounce of it for granted. This year I turn 33, and let me tell you, I have never been more sure of myself than I am right now. What a blessing!

I was so excited to turn 33 this year, for many reasons, but the biggest reason is because, I’ve dubbed it as, my miraculous year. You see in the Bible, Jesus didn’t start his ministry until He was 33 years of age. He didn’t perform His greatest miracles until He was 33. So for me, it’s the start of some miraculous things I know God has in store for my life! I believe with everything in my heart, that this year will be one of the BEST years of my life. Mentally, spiritually, professionally, and relational wise. And I believe my “ministry” that is Posh and Popular will truly touch the lives of many. I believe my love for fashion will open doors I could cease to understand, this year. It just feels GOOD! I have never been this sure of who I am, then what I am right now!

This year I have celebrated all month long, and the highlight of my celebration was traveling to LA for a week! That trip was significant, because it was exactly 10 years ago that I took the biggest step of my life and moved to LA to pursue my dreams! It was 10 years ago, while living in LA, God was preparing me for blogging, and finding my purpose. It was through living in LA, that I realized what I should ultimately be doing with my life. So of course I had to go back to the place where finding my “voice”started!

It was so nostalgic being there, but it felt just as good being there as the day I moved 10 years ago, only this time I had a tribe of friends that have become family to make my trip even more special! From amazing dinners at some of the best restaurants in the city, to shopping on Wilshire Blvd., connecting with friends I hadn’t seen in 8 years, to getting pampered on Robertson Blvd, and getting my make-up done in Beverly Hills, my trip was nothing short of amazing!

But the most amazing part was having the opportunity to shoot with my brother and dear friend, the famous photographer, Mr. Elton Anderson! When I tell you Elton made my LA trip the best experience, I mean it!!! He like I, is just a kid from Detroit that had a dream to pursue his passion, and it has taken him all over the world! His success, is something to admire and to push for. Living a life full of purpose with no regrets, operating in your passion. That is something worth fighting for! This trip sparked a whole new fire in me, so get the fire hose ready, because I’m about to be smokin hot this year!

Every year I reflect on what I’ve learned and how I can grow from my past experiences, and this year, I am choosing to live intentionally. To create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. To live with no regrets and just GO FOR IT! On this my 33rd birthday, I choose ME! I choose to pursue my happiness by any means necessary! To go for the promises God has for me! To inspire people everywhere I go, and to leave a little love every place I step foot in.

I am the happiest I have been in a long time, and I know it’s going to get better each day of this new year of my life! I’m choosing to surround myself with what is positive! I wish blessing to everyone around me and all of my Posh Dolls! The best is yet to come and I am so excited!!!

Thank you for celebrating with me, and making this the best birthday yet!!!

Photos by: Elton Anderson
Check out his amazing work at:

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If you’re a black woman, I think after this past weekend with Beyoncé dropping her new single ‘Formation,’ you were even more proud to be a black woman. I know I was! Cause I SLAY, ALL DAY!

Now, while I don’t have hot sauce in my bag, because I just don’t enjoy it, I do however, work hard, and I own it… OKAY!  Ok ladies, now let’s get in formation and not only slay on a daily, but let’s continue to support one another, build each other up, and hold one another accountable in every aspect of our lives. As Bey says, prove to me that we have coordination, within our friendships, relationships, business partnerships, and of course our fashion choices!  We should live to SLAY, period. We have SO MUCH POWER!!! Let that power you hold speak through your fashion choices! You can say so much, without saying a word, just by how you present yourself to the world. I choose fierceness, boldness, and classiness… I’m in FORMATION…. Get in line with me ladies… #SWAG


I’ve never been more proud of my #BlackGirlMagic, and what a time to feel that way during, Black History Month… We are such a beautiful, resilient, intelligent, and inspiring race of people, and there is not any one thing we have not and cannot overcome. I’m constantly committing to my excellence as a human being, and more importantly as a woman, and now I am even more motivated, empowered, and inspired! Thank you Queen BEY, you did that, now you got me feeling myself on a whole other level! How you SLAYIN? Now get into this look with me HUNTY! YAAASSSS!!! Ponytail on FLEEK! *loud giggles* (more…)

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Memo 027: Dainty Holiday Sparkle and Shine!

To: The Posh and Popular Dolls

From: Me

Date:  December 11, 2014

Subject: Holiday Style

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That time of year when pulling out everything you own that shimmers and sparkles is 100% acceptable! I love the Holiday Season… The smell of freshly backed cookies and popcorn in the mall, the sound of children laughing, and the hustle and bustle of women getting all glamorous for the many holiday parties and events they’ve been invited to attend!  During this time of year, its so important to have looks that make you feel like the belle of the ball, I mean who can resist a great holiday party? Any opportunity I have to break out the tulle and the sequins I’m all for it! Who would have thought this former tomboy would turn out to be so girly? And leave it to the holiday to get this girly girl in full swing.

It’s all about the sparkle! Make sure your accessories do the talking this holiday season. The more flashy the better! This is the time of year you really don’t have to mute your look! Even if you’re a minimalist, adding a little sparkle to your ensemble will pull your entire holiday style together!

Oh… Did I forget to mention I got engaged last month? Yup!! I got engaged to the love of my life in November… Part of the reason why I have been a little preoccupied! So you can probably imagine, the only thing I really want to accessorize is my beautiful new ring! He did good, didn’t he!? So this holiday will be full of showing off a little sparkle for me, so a perfect manicure is going to be my biggest concern! You’ve gotta keep your nails on point when everyone will be asking to see your hand! So newly engaged dolls, remember to keep a standing nail appointment this season!

And no holiday look is complete without my favorite little clutch! Remember not to neglect those little clutches that hide in the back of your closet all year! This is the perfect time of year for them to make an appearance.

And how could I forget…? I am head over heels in love with this beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin glitter stilettos. These sparkly gems are my Christmas present to myself! I have pledged to only wear these beauties for 3 special occasions, New Years Eve with my love this year, my engagement party, and my bridal shower! They were purchased specifically for those upcoming special occasions in my life! Since this will be my first NYE as an engaged woman, I figured that was special indeed!

So remember this holiday to hug the ones you love extra tight, kiss your lovers a little longer, and bring on the sparkle. You deserve to shine darling! Shine in style!



Get the Look:

  • Headpiece: Dainty Jewels
  • Blouse: Karen Millen
  • Skirt: Custom Kristina Bowman-Smith
  • Clutch: Karen Millen
  • Coat: ZARA
  • Stilettos: Christian Louboutin
  • Bracelet: BEBE
  • Earrings: Chanel

Make-Up: Me, Myself, and I

Hair: Malika Goins

Photography: Breann White






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Memo 025: The Gold Member


To: The Posh and Popular Dolls

From: Me

Date:  October 7, 2014

Subject: Gold details for fall


If you’re anything like me,  then you’re probably just as excited as I am about all the little details you can add to your look this fall. My detail of choice this season, gold accents.  That’s right! Good old fashioned solid gold! From jewelry, to jackets, and more, I cannot get enough of the warm tone of the beautifully colored precious metal this season. Because gold has such a warm undertone on every skin tone, it, in my opinion, is an ideal color to pair with your favorite looks this time of year.


I’m also opting for creams and prints to off set my gold details. I think the two classic colors paired together create a very clean and classic look for fall.  This is certainly the season for doubling your prints and layering with perfection, so make sure you add small touches of gold and other clean neural colors to keep your look balanced.


Let your accessories make a statement this fall. Don’t be shy with those fabulous shoes and handbags. Quality shoes and handbags are the  pieces that will help your look stand out. Styling quality or high end designer handbags and shoes with some of your favorite pieces, will give you that expensive chic touch you need to create that ultra rich look every fashionista aims for during the fall/winter season. Fall is definitely the best time of year to add unique touches of luxury to your style!


Whoever said light colors were only meant to be worn in the spring and summer are clearly living in the 1950’s. It’s a great idea to pair your favorite cream blouse and bag with a pair of your favorite dark denim pants and great chunky sweaters or blazers. As you can see, even some of your favorite celebrity fashionistas are opting for softer and lighter colors this season. Cream, pale pink, and light gray are just a few examples of some of the lighter colors trending this fall.


This year during New York and Paris Fashion Week we saw in almost every designers fall/winter collection showcased, prints, patterns, and textures. So clearly, they aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. So pull out those animal print jackets and floral printed pants from last season and feel free to have a field day, I know I will!




Get the Look:
  • English Rose Blazer
  • Vintage Bloomingdale’s Blouse
  • Joe’s Jeans
  • Target Patent Leather Skinny Belt
  • Christian Louboutin Python Pumps
  • Vintage Chanel Purse
  • Vintage Broach
  • Earrings (Bridesmaid Gift)







Make-Up: Cassandra Ward, Owner of Pink and White Salon

Photography: Breann White


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Memo 024: Is She Wearing Skorts???


To: The Posh and Popular Dolls

From: Me

Date:  September 25, 2014

Subject: Skorts are making a comeback!


When I was a little girl, my mother used to make sure she got the most bang for her buck! So when skorts were all the rage, she was all over them, and I was the main subject of her many fashion experiments. She loved the fact that you got a skirt in the front and shorts in the back, so as you can imagine, I was the princess of skorts back in the day! So imagine my surprise when I walked into one of my favorite stores (Club Monaco) this summer, and saw that skorts had received a stylish makeover!! As you can see, I was all over it… And they had the nerve to make them pink. They were as good as sold!


Putting together a look with a pair of skorts can be very easy and carefree, but if you’re looking to create a memorable look, you cannot be afraid to take some subtle risks.

Prints paired with textures can bring about a very chic and rich look. You want your looks to stand out and make a statement, and a little bit of texture can certainly go a long way. Just remember not to go to crazy! You still want your looks to make sense…


The perfect vintage bag can off set any fun look!  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your entire look. Just remember to look for quality while browsing the shelves of your favorite vintage stores. I’ve had this clutch for over 7 years and it’s still one of my favorites, and still looks as good as it did when I bought it at a vintage shop in L.A.  Quality goes a long way… Even vintage!


One of my favorite things about making the transition from the summer to fall are hats…. I love my hats! And this fall my new signature piece is this black beauty from BCBG. This lovely statement piece is going to carry me well into the winter season and I can’t wait to pair it with some of my favorite coats, but for now, it gives my skort look a great edge. I still have a little taste of summer, but little nuances of fall with this look. It’s definitely a great transitional look I can take from coast to coast.


Stripes can make any simple look pop! So if you’re afraid to play around with stripes and prints with your clothing, try them with your footwear! It will still give you a little something extra, without feeling like you’re out of your comfort zone!


Fashion is about doing what makes you happy! There are no rules, and there are no limits! If wearing a furry vest with skorts makes me smile, I’m going to do it, and you should too!

Remember to have fun with your favorite looks, whether you’re wearing skorts, a skirt, jeans, or sweat pants… Just have a blast being fashionably YOU!


Get the Look:
  • BEBE Furry Vest
  • Club Monaco Blouse
  • Club Monaco Skorts
  • Karen Millen Sandals
  • Vintage Clutch
  • BCBG Hat
  • Tiffany & Co. Infinity Neckalce



Make-Up: Cassandra Ward, Owner of Pink and White Salon

Photography: Breann White


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Memo 022: Bicycles, Pleated Skirts, and Sunnies… The Perfect End to a Perfect Summer



To: The Posh and Popular Dolls

From: Me

Date:  September 17, 2014

Subject: Pleated Skirts and Prints, and this thing called LIFE





It’s been exactly one year since I started the Posh and Popular blog, but it feels like it was just yesterday.  Since that time, I’ve been able to grow in freely expressing myself through my personal style. So for the blog’s one year anniversary, I wanted to say goodbye to summer in the most fashionable way I could think of… A bicycle and a pleated skirt! Sure it looks cute, but riding a bike in a long flowing skirt is hard work! Which brings me to my point, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy task to complete.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about my personal style, different aspects of life, and what I’ve learned about myself over the last year, that  literally all tie together . I used to be afraid of disappointing people, whether it was my family or my friends. I always wanted people to see me for who I really was… Like really see me. And I wanted what I contributed to society to mean something. I’ve often struggled with doing things to please others rather than doing what made me happy. And more often than not, I put other individual’s wants and needs ahead of my own. I was a fan of, YES, instead of no. But what I’ve come to learn over this past year, is that, it’s okay… I mean REALLY OKAY, to let certain things and people go. Whether it’s that old skirt I haven’t thought about wearing in years, or even relationships with people that no longer have the same fit. It’s okay to say no to others and YES to yourself. If you don’t take care of, and appreciate you first, others will see that, and take advantage of that which you considered to be kindness, for weakness.  Just like fashion evolves so should your life.  Every piece of clothing cannot go with you in every stage of your life, but there are always those classic pieces you have a love for that will endure from season to season. The same is true for our lives… Sometimes it’s important to clean out the closet and start fresh, but remember to keep what’s most important to you close.

Anytime your starting something new and different and completely out of your comfort zone it can sometimes feel like the worst time in your life… You often question yourself about whether or not you actually made the right decision.  Kind of like wearing leather overalls because they are “in style” but you know better than anybody that they do nothing for your shape.  It’s like your getting complimented for the work you’re putting in, but you’re often wondering, “is it worth it?” Are the sleepless nights writing all this stuff really worth it? Are people actually interest in what I’m doing or what I’m saying or are they just being nice? It’s kind of like when someone tells you those overalls are cute, but you’re not really sure if they meant you actually looked cute in them, or if they just like the overalls! Just because you’re doing something and it looks nice doesn’t mean there isn’t a process behind what you’re putting out there. I was doing something that would leave me vulnerable and open to the world for judgement and critiques. But when you realize you’re actually doing something that’s bigger than you, you understand it’s definitely worth it.

Starting this blog meant more to me than just posting pretty pictures of well put together looks and stylish accessories.  It was about proving to myself that I am capable of doing everything I was placed on this earth to do, even starting a little ol’ fashion blog to give some people I know a little inspiration.  It was about not being afraid to take a risk and do something a little different then how other people have done it in the past. The same is true even with fashion. Just because someone wore the same skirt I did, doesn’t mean it’s going to have the same fit, and it doesn’t mean they are going to style it the way I would. We are all different, and it’s okay to be unapologetic about who you are and how you “style” things. Launching Posh and Popular last year confirmed for me, that as long as I continue to do me, everything will happen exactly the way it should for me. The same is true for all of us! Never be afraid to be who you are. In fashion or in life. Live proudly, and walk boldly in those five inch stilettos doll.  If you want to dress up to go to the grocery store, don’t let ANYBODY stop you! DO YOU BOO!   I refuse to not be myself so that someone else is comfortable! I have to be comfortable. That’s what fashion and life are all about… Being uniquely you… And completely comfortable in the process… Even if that means riding a bicycle with a long pleated skirt on!

Now that I’m off my soap box… Let’s get back to the fashion…. Boop!


This is one of my favorite looks because I love having fun with colors, prints, and accessories, so being able to mix three of my favorite things in one look to end the summer was so much fun! Prints and patterns are definitely on trend for the upcoming fall season, so I wanted to get an early start on some of the action.


I am still as madly in love with my blue C-through clutch this year as I was last year! It’s the perfect purse to wear when I’m planning a day of fun! Besides, who needs a big purse when you’re enjoying such a beautiful day? Plus I like to see my lipstick and make-up compact when I look at the bag! #ThingsGirlsSay

I don’t get to wear these sandals very often, but when I do, they make a statement all their own.  When you buy great quality shoes and accessories they endure until the end of time. I’ve owned these sandals since 2008 and they are still as classic and beautiful as they were the day I bought them 6 years ago.  A perfect match to my free and flowing pleated skirt.. Nothing is more freeing then having your heels and your toes out… I’m just saying. #ThingsGirlsSay

Casadei Sandals

Casadei Sandals


A great pair of sunnies can make any look, super cool. The right pair can take your entire look from girly and soft to trendy and chic. Make sure when you’re trying out new frames that you try different shapes and sizes, you’ll never know what you can wear until you actually try several pair out. And remember to take an honest friend with you, a real friend will tell you when a frame looks great and when it doesn’t!


And what look is complete without a little vintage jewelry?  This bracelet makes a statement all by itself, and the mix of greens and blues throughout the look really tied everything together.  Accessories should make a statement… If your accessories don’t bring your look to life, than it’s time to try some that will! Check out the vintage shops in your area, you’d be surprised what you’d come across.


I cannot believe the summer is ending, but I am even more excited about the fashion this fall has in store.

Good Bye Summer… Hello Autumn! Another season to take a few more fashion risks!


Get the Look:
  • BCBG Jacket
  • Banana Republic Skirt
  • Casadei Sandals
  • Miu Miu Sunglasses
  • Fly Behavior Boutique Clear Blue Clutch
  • 616 Couture Earrings
  • Vintage Jade and Gold Cuffs
  •  Vintage Leaf Broach



Make-Up: Cassandra Ward, Owner of Pink and White Salon

Photography: Breann White

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Lights, Camera, Action…!!!

cutecropI just love a good photo shoot!! And this one was no exception!! I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots with you!

The look is Business Chic… Black and White doesn’t have to be boring!


A great statement necklace is always great to offset any classic, professional look! I cannot function without a statement necklace! Don’t be afraid of a little bling either! The more bling, the better!!



Every now and then, it’s ok to let your shoes do the talking! In this case I let them speak loud and clear!! I love these pink beauties! I call them my “Woodstock” pumps! And ladies make sure you have a great shoe repairman in your rolodex! You have to keep your favorite pumps in tact!!


Having a great set of key pieces in your professional wardrobe can go a long way! A pencil skirt can be a woman’s best friend.  And a crisp white bag or clutch can make any business look more interesting! And of course a trendy, yet classic blazer can pull together any sassy workplace look!


Who said professional dress can’t be fly? I beg to differ!!


  • Blazer: BCBG
  • Blouse: BCBG
  • Skirt: Karen Millen
  • Envelope Clutch: BCBG
  • Necklace: 616 Couture
  • Mohawk Pumps: Karen Millen

Photographer: Terry White

Make-up: George McKenney

Hair: Malika G.