If you’re a black woman, I think after this past weekend with Beyoncé dropping her new single ‘Formation,’ you were even more proud to be a black woman. I know I was! Cause I SLAY, ALL DAY!

Now, while I don’t have hot sauce in my bag, because I just don’t enjoy it, I do however, work hard, and I own it… OKAY!  Ok ladies, now let’s get in formation and not only slay on a daily, but let’s continue to support one another, build each other up, and hold one another accountable in every aspect of our lives. As Bey says, prove to me that we have coordination, within our friendships, relationships, business partnerships, and of course our fashion choices!  We should live to SLAY, period. We have SO MUCH POWER!!! Let that power you hold speak through your fashion choices! You can say so much, without saying a word, just by how you present yourself to the world. I choose fierceness, boldness, and classiness… I’m in FORMATION…. Get in line with me ladies… #SWAG


I’ve never been more proud of my #BlackGirlMagic, and what a time to feel that way during, Black History Month… We are such a beautiful, resilient, intelligent, and inspiring race of people, and there is not any one thing we have not and cannot overcome. I’m constantly committing to my excellence as a human being, and more importantly as a woman, and now I am even more motivated, empowered, and inspired! Thank you Queen BEY, you did that, now you got me feeling myself on a whole other level! How you SLAYIN? Now get into this look with me HUNTY! YAAASSSS!!! Ponytail on FLEEK! *loud giggles*


For this look, I paired my new favorite vest, a Plenty by Tracy Reece creation, with some of my staple wardrobe pieces. And I must say, this has been my go-to piece this winter! And I believe in wearing white year round, don’t let “rules” hinder your creativity. You create your own rules. Do what makes you happy. Fashion should be an expression; an expansion of who you are. I don’t like to be limited, or put into a box, and it’s pretty clear in my fashion choices, especially wearing white during the winter! As long as there is a good balance, I say go for it! Be fearless!



I was determined to have a pair of wedding shoes that could transition into a more practical part of my wardrobe, and I got exactly that with these beautiful white Versace pumps! I can wear these with EVERYTHING, and while doing so, be reminded of the happiest day of my life! It’s a win for me, and I’m getting a lot of use out of an otherwise expensive pair of heels! I’d say, I am actually getting my money’s worth out of these beauties!


So clutch! I paired my favorite white BCBG envelope clutch with this look, and it pulled everything together! Remember, while accessorizing, if you’re going to do a white pump, a white or metallic clutch/purse is always the way to go!


So what have we learned in short from Queen Bey and KD?

Continue to silence your naysayers and SLAY ALL DAY LADIES!


  • Vest – Plenty by Tracy Reece
  • Blouse – Boutique Purchase
  • Leather Leggings – ZARA
  • Pumps – Versace
  • Clutch – BCBG
  • Earring – Vintage Chanel

Hair: Malika Goins – @beautybymalika

Make-Up: Ashley Toliver – @beautybandit_Ashley

Photography: Breann White – @breannwhlgn



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