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How I Made DIY Bridal Projects Fabulous!


Having expensive taste, does not always mean you need to break the bank! There are tons of things you can do at home with friends and family to help save money during your planning process. There are so many things I loved while I searched Etsy and some of my favorite bridal magazines, but as I started getting price quotes, I thought to myself, I can make that myself. And that is exactly what I did. I cut the majority of my costs in half, just by taking on my on DIY projects. I wanted to stay true to myself throughout the entire planning process, and I didn’t want to cut corners on the extremely important things, so I really had to evaluate what I knew I could do on my own, that wouldn’t compromise the essence of our classic glam wedding.

Escort Cards: My favorite project out of all of my DIY’s would have to be the mirrored escort cards! I knew I wanted a very classic and glamorous element, but I wanted something that I had never seen done before. I mean what’s more creative then a mirrored place card that guests can take home with them and use!?

The first thing I did was head to my favorite craft store here in Michigan to see if I could find mirrors the size of a business card in bulk. And I found exactly that! I was able to get 300 mirrors for less than $60. Keep in mind, most calligraphers charge $1.50-$2.50 per name they have to write, and that doesn’t include the mirror or paper they are writing on, so already I have saved anywhere from $500-$750 dollars. I did a bit of research, and communicated with some of my favorite calligraphers and found that paint pens are the best pens to use to write on mirrors. So to Michael’s I went! Paint pens cost about $10 for a pack of 2. I decided white pens would show better on the mirrors after trying out both gold and white. The pens I couldn’t use were returnable, so I took the pens back that didn’t work so well. Keep in mind the small pen size was the best, extra thin was too thin, and the medium was too large for the font size I was looking for.  Then the auditions began!! *insert giggle*  I auditioned all my friend with great handwriting, and my bestie Nina won! Whoop-whoop! I didn’t have to have a specific font type in mind, as much as I wanted very romantic cursive! That was my choice. I did what worked for my taste. Nina’s handwriting was perfect, and she was a trooper writing the names of everyone on my guest list for me (290 to be exact). I gave her a beautiful gift to show my gratitude. **Make sure you thank the people that are giving you their time! That is a must.**

My final touch was adding the mini crystal broaches to each mirror. They were super easy to apply, and they are stick on, so it wasn’t super messy to work with. I wanted to keep the broach element since my wedding invitations all had broaches of some kind on them. Making sure every element of your wedding has a central theme and is cohesive, creates the perfect ambiance for your big day!

Isn't this beautiful, I sure thought so!

Isn’t this beautiful, I sure thought so!


Table Numbers: I knew I wanted crystal table numbers, but didn’t wish to pay the hefty $680 it would have cost, for numbers 1-25, so I went an alternate route. The same store I got the mirrors for the escort cards, is the same store I purchased the round mirrors for the table numbers! And guess what, I only paid $20 for 30 round medium sized mirrors! I was able to find the stands for the mirrors at the Dollar store, you read correctly, the Dollar Store! So, the next challenge was to find the numbers. Etsy to the rescue. I found a store on Etsy, Couture Embellishment, look them up! They sold the crystal adhesive numbers I needed, and I paid $72 including shipping. (more…)

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If you’re a black woman, I think after this past weekend with Beyoncé dropping her new single ‘Formation,’ you were even more proud to be a black woman. I know I was! Cause I SLAY, ALL DAY!

Now, while I don’t have hot sauce in my bag, because I just don’t enjoy it, I do however, work hard, and I own it… OKAY!  Ok ladies, now let’s get in formation and not only slay on a daily, but let’s continue to support one another, build each other up, and hold one another accountable in every aspect of our lives. As Bey says, prove to me that we have coordination, within our friendships, relationships, business partnerships, and of course our fashion choices!  We should live to SLAY, period. We have SO MUCH POWER!!! Let that power you hold speak through your fashion choices! You can say so much, without saying a word, just by how you present yourself to the world. I choose fierceness, boldness, and classiness… I’m in FORMATION…. Get in line with me ladies… #SWAG


I’ve never been more proud of my #BlackGirlMagic, and what a time to feel that way during, Black History Month… We are such a beautiful, resilient, intelligent, and inspiring race of people, and there is not any one thing we have not and cannot overcome. I’m constantly committing to my excellence as a human being, and more importantly as a woman, and now I am even more motivated, empowered, and inspired! Thank you Queen BEY, you did that, now you got me feeling myself on a whole other level! How you SLAYIN? Now get into this look with me HUNTY! YAAASSSS!!! Ponytail on FLEEK! *loud giggles* (more…)

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Detroit Is The New Black


Click to Shop: Detroit Is The New Black

If you know me, and you’re not from Detroit, the first thing you know about me is that I am from Detroit. Detroit is home, but more than that, it is a city that has birthed some of the most innovative, talented, intelligent, and successful people on the planet. Sure, we’ve had our share of controversy, but what major city hasn’t. One thing that is true about Detroiter’s is that you can spot us from a mile away, and we will forever rep our city! Whether we are in LA, NYC, Paris, or Tokyo, we always find a way to connect people to the place we hold near and dear, and that’s Detroit! IMG_9761 IMG_9771 Detroit Is The New Black, is a brand created and curated by the beautiful and talented Roslyn M. Karamoko, who is actually a native of Seattle, WA. She moved to Detroit and fell in love with the people and grass roots energy of the city and was inspired to create a movement.  Being in the fashion industry as a buyer for other high end brands, Roslyn decided it was time to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship and the rest is history! (more…)

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